PRESS RELEASE: Dallas 360 Team Sets Strong Goals for New Campaign

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas 360 Team Sets Strong Goals for New Campaign

DALLAS, TX – The Dallas 360 team is working to become the top-producing group in telecom division for the country. They returned from a training with high goals to meet.

The Dallas 360 team just completed the FiOS campaign as one of the highest-performing offices in the country and is now hungry to grow into the top telecom division in the country. “When we’re working with a large national client, we want to continue to network and grow in this emerging market,” said Ariel, the President of Dallas 360. “We have set big goals for ourselves. Our sales goal for the first month is to get over 50 applications each week. By the end of the year, our aim is to collect over 100 applications per week.”

Businesses need to innovate to grow and survive, and the Dallas 360 team believes that setting high goals is the best way to grow. Having clear objectives lets the team work together, track progress, and know when to celebrate success. “We know the goals we set are achievable,” said Ariel. “It will be fun to see everyone come to the table with the best ideas on how to make it happen.”

Dallas 360 Sees New Campaign as Expansion Opportunity

“Launching a new campaign for a state as big as Texas is an exciting prospect,” said Ariel. “We plan to expand to meet our aggressive goals and so there will be a lot of growth opportunity within our organization.” Dallas 360 is the first office to cover this national telecommunications company in Texas, so the team will be responsible for training and developing all future Texas offices for this account.

Technology moves fast and has a dramatic impact on advertising; therefore, the Dallas 360 executives aim to be at the forefront of personalized marketing. “We aim to grow in a way that makes the most sense, hiring people who have expertise in reaching our target demographic. We will need to find the right talent to meet our aggressive goals for this year and beyond.”

“Additionally, working with this Fortune 500 business will allow our team leaders to really focus on building out the structure and organization of our company,” Ariel continued. “These projects require associates to master time management and the ability to think on their feet.”

Dallas 360 Team Travels to Atlanta for Training on New Campaign

Team members Shea, Bruce, and Ariel traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for a month of training on the new campaign. The national consultant who launched the brand led the classes. “We learned how to manage the new project,” reported Ariel. “There are some similarities to campaigns we’ve previously handled, and enough differences to make this fun.”

“Traveling to Atlanta and doing professional development as a team was a great way to get a lot of insight from experienced professionals and build new skills,” said Ariel. Those of us from Dallas 360 who made the trip will be responsible for training the rest of the team in the campaign.”

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